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Expect amateur fan arts and random drawings/ideas! I am a cartoon junkie so expect mainly cartoons. :P

Random Favourites

deviation in storage by Rans-Spook
deviation in storage by Rans-Spook
deviation in storage by Rans-Spook
deviation in storage by Rans-Spook
Expect loads of fan art as well as amazing stuff from friends/loyally watched/rs!


T-Shirt Designs
Benny's Taxicab Service by Groovy-Gecko
Will Drop Pants For Food by Groovy-Gecko
Owl and Birds by Groovy-Gecko
Feed Me! by Groovy-Gecko
I'm Real Too by Groovy-Gecko
Designs that can be sold on Redbubble as T-shirts, pillow cases, phone covers, stickers and other things. :)
I'll charge a small fee on here, as you'll be buying the T-shirt via Redbubble anyway.

I will make designs of the following:
- Anyone or anything from or based on film, TV, literature, comics and cartoons.
- A starting point for an idea
- Something you've always wanted to see on a T-Shirt.
- Illustration and design.
- Fantasy/horror/cartoon stuff.
- Tattoo-style stuff.

I will NOT accept:
- OCs or FCs of any kind. I want to be able to sell these to others as well as yourself.
- Outrageously detailed scenes, such as Mr X and Mrs Y dressed as Batman and Robin playing poker in a barn…i.e., the sort of thing you'd as for in a trade or request. This is going on a T-shirt, after all.
- Nothing too rude/offensive/obscene.
- Films film, TV, literature, comics and cartoons that I actually don't like…I do have my limits but luckily, they're aren't that many.





Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi, the name's Emily Basically, my life revolves around art, making stuff and food. I'm studying animation at the moment but I'm a crafter and illustrator at heart.

Groovy Gecko in a nutshell:
Animation, art, films, food (particularly chocolate, cake and puddings), Disney, reptiles, books, the theatre, tea, puppets, Muppets, fantasy and fairy tales, horror/ghost stories, Tim Burton, vintage things, crochet, music, pirates, T-shirts, carnivorous plants, the Solar System, sewing, the Victorians...
Something has got me pondering and I'm curious to find out...

Why do we create characters?

Do you guys create them for a particular reason (perhaps, say, a fandom?) Does something inspire you and give you an idea to create a character? Or perhaps they were a result of a half-minded doodle on a napkin. 

Please share your thoughts with me. I want to know why you create the guys you have created.

My own reasons:
  • A majority of my characters (Laura, Poison, Clarisse, Stitches, Reptilia, even Emily) started out as fandom characters but have since then more or less branched off on their own premises.
  • Jekyll and Hyde already exist, as an example of the personified alter ego. I simply wanted to make my own version, since it's one of my favourite stories.
  • Wesley was created because I wanted to give the PTPPEs a mode of transportation. Never thought I'd love him as much as I do now.
  • I have another collection of characters that I've had and have evolved since school. I've never properly shared them before but I'll give you an insight. Basically, for my GSCE Media project at school, I chose to create a comic book with a set of characters. I created a narcissistic, money-grubbing skeleton; a dopey walking pincushion with a giant pin through his head and a Barry White-esque toad doctor. How I got full marks for them, I will never know. :XD: I loved the universe so much, I created a whole bunch more and the premise and developed and changed since. Laura has also become a main fixture in this world as well, as the skeleton's on-off girlfriend. Personal favourites include a surly punk teen with the biggest hairdo ever; the skeleton's silver fox witch doctor dad; his grumpy foe who lives with him, who has been imprisoned in a witch doctor's mask (and weirdly has the hots for Laura); a tall Frankensteinian goth woman who says little to nothing and a strange demonic albino Tazmanian Devil-like creature who, I kid you not, came from a dream about a go-karting video game. Phew.
  • As for my films…well, my characters tend to take on a life of their own once I start animating them. :P
  • Mood: Artistic

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